Dato Foland and Paddy O’Brian

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gay pornstarsThis apocalyptic gay porno has these three fine gay models hunkered down inside a bunker waiting for The End to cum.

Within no time things start to heat up for these delectable dudes and that’s when the fun begins. After realizing the radio is down Dato works at fixing it while the others await the pending doom outside. Rogan reenters the room quite shaken and nervous about the unknown, Paddy steps in to comfort him and things really get steamy. It starts with a gentle reassuring touch which leads to a tantalizing shoulder massage, that sends sparks of sexual energy flying. In no time the two well-sculpted hotties are fondling one another and tongue kissing. Yet, this guy-on-guy action doesn’t stop here for in walks tall, dark, and handsome Dato!

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Massimo Piano in real HD gay porno

The Genie Part 2 stars two handsome hunks with great bodies and tight butts. Massimo Piano and Hector De Silva star in this hot and horny gay HD porn movie. This series has been filmed in real HD quality by the award-winning team at Men.com, and has been released by, ‘Drill My Gay Porn Hole,’ which is just one of the ten Full HD sites that make this great porn network up.

The Gay Porn Stars

Hector De Silva is a real Spanish stud with amazing good looks, and a fantastic tattoo swirling up his lean torso. Hector is a George Clooney look alike, but even more gorgeous than him, and much younger.
He is five feet seven inches tall with brown hair, designer beard, and he has bright blue eyes, a seven-inch cut cock, and he is an eager top.

Hector has starred in eighteen gay porn vids for Men.com, and in his last movie, he got stuck into a cum blasting threesome in ‘The Couple That Fuck Together Part 2,’ with Dato Foland and Sunny Colucci.
Massimo Piano is another good looking Spanish gay pornstar, and he has a tight six-pack, a hairy body, and he loves to have his pierced nipples gently tugged on. He has brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch uncut cock.
He has been in ten hardcore gay porn flicks for Men, and he is the main star in this hot, and sometimes comic sex series, and gets his ass drilled every which way, but loose. You can watch some of his videos at PornGayMen

Watch his gay porn video in HD quality

Massimo Piano has woken up in bed. After rubbing a magic lamp the day before, Massimo got four wishes from his muscular genie, played by Manuel Skye. Massimo ended up fucking the pizza boy, played by Lucas Fox, and now he is ready to have another wish granted.

He gets dressed, rubs his lamp, and asks the cheeky genie for another wish. This time, he wants to have one last fuck with his ex-boyfriend, Hector De Silva.

There is a knock at the door, and as Massimo opens it, there is Hector, and they start kissing straight away. As they kiss hard, we hear the sound of a zip going down, and we get to see Hector’s thick juicy dick out of his pants. Massimo clicks his fingers, and Hector’s cock gets rock hard before he can even blink.

With their hot young bodies against each other and their lips locked in each other’s hungry mouths, their hands wander all over their tight butts, and all over their bodies. They are soon naked, and they play and suck on each other’s hard nipples.
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Electricity bounces off the walls, and in their fervour, Hector gets down on his knees, and takes that beautiful bit of prime Spanish meat into his mouth, and sucks on it with a great thirst. Hector licks it up and down, under the balls, and then takes it in his mouth again, and this time, he deep throats it. Massimo is moaning with passion the whole time, and as he thrusts his hips back and forwards, he plays with Hector’s small sensitive nipples.

Hector gets pushed onto his back on the bed, and with his legs spread-eagled, Massimo goes down and engulfs his hot cock in the back of his throat, and sucks on it like there is no tomorrow. Hector is sighing with pleasure as his cock gets sucked, and his big balls get played with.
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Massimo then pulls Hector’s legs up, spreads them apart, and starts devouring that smooth tight asshole with his probing tongue. He opens up that asshole with his fingers, and licks all around Hector’s rim, and pushes his tongue in as far as it will go.

Hector gets Massimo up on his knees, his head down, and his ass up in the air like a puppy waiting to be mounted. He eats out Massimo’s butt hole, and with is swimming in hot saliva, hector points his cock at that tasty hole and inches his thick cock right up.
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Hector rides that ass doggy style, in the missionary position, and then as he lies down on his back, Massimo Piano gets on top and rides up and down on Hector’s cock and big balls that are filling up with cum. As Massimo rides that cock like a bucking bronco, he strokes his own until he shouts out, and his hot cum spurts out over his body and spread thighs.

Hector De Silva pushes Massimo onto his back, and with a few frantic strokes, his cum shoots out over Massimo’s face, lips, beard and chest. In fact, there is so much of the stuff, that I think Hector has been saving it up for a while.

The Genie Part 2 is another cumtastic series by the gay porn team, and watching these Spanish studs hard at it, will make you wish you had your own magic lamp. Never mind, I am sure that you can easily think of something else to rub. Watch more porn in HD at hdgayporn

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We love showing off how deep the male sex video site go with their fantastic, and award winning video filming. With the best picture and excellent sound, Men prove that they are the leaders in the gay porn world today. This new male sex series kicks off with two amazingly hot men, Will Braun, who is an exclusive star to Men.com, and Vadim Black.

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Ever had one of those mornings when you wake up with a major hardon, but your partner tells you to go back to sleep as you crush your aching hard male cock against his ass, or even his hard powerful thigh? It’s disappointing, but sometimes if you keep on trying, and managed to wake him up, you end up having fantastic sex.

Will Braun wakes up like this, his dick is rock solid and his asshole is itching to be fucked. His roommate, Vadim Black is lying naked next to him. Will wakes him up for a good fuck session but Vadim tells him to turn back over. Not to be put off, Will pulls his bed covers down to just below his full ball sack and starts to stroke his rock solid seven inch circumcised cock. He keeps looking over at Vadim and his eyes wander over his muscular body and amazing six pack. Vadim looks back and smiles at Will and pulls his covers too. Will is so hungry for cock that he bends over Vadim’s hairy thigh, grabs a hold of his gay dick and shoves it in his mouth. A whimpering sound escapes Vadim’s lips as Will sucks on his ‘morning glory’ all the way up and down. Vadim puts a hand behind Will’s head and forces him up and down, and fuck fucks him back as Will continues sucking on his fat dick.
Vadim Black takes control and forces Will on to his back and makes him spread his legs. Vadim lies down on his side and with his head between Will’s outstretched legs he starts to suck on Will Braun’s quivering hard dick. It’s a great scene as Vadim lies on his side, his hard dick on full view and his foreskin, half rolled back as he buries his nose right into Will’s dark pubes as he gives him his morning blowjob.
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Will doesn’t have long to go as he brings his knees up to his chest and is about to get what he wanted from the start of this adult gay video. Vadim kneels up between his legs, he puts on a condom and with a deep groan of satisfaction Will feels his asshole being spread open and full of Vadim’s thick dick at last.
The bed creaks loud as Will’s ass is fucked hard and fast by Vadim who still can’t believe how Will’s juicy ass really is. They fuck all over the bed and Will gets his asshole well and truly scratched as he gets frilled in different positions.
Will Braun shouts out with a final cry as his cock throbs and cum shoots out so far that it lands in his waiting mouth, and Vadim Black sends his cum over Will’s heaving chest.

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Will Braun is an exclusive star to this sex video website and has been in thirty four movies in his first year. He has a cool college look about him and has brown hair and innocent looking baby blue eyes, he is versatile, has a seven inch cut cock, and is five feet six inches tall.
Vadim Black is a good looking, clean cut versatile young man with plenty of tattoos, muscles and a six and a half inch uncut cock. He has been in thirteen hardcore movies for this male sex video site which includes the fantastic Online Gay Videos ‘Son Of A Preacher Man. Series. Vadim is five feet seven inches tall, has jet black hair and has emerald green eyes. check here to check out this male sex video

Brenner Bolton and Robert Axel

Robert Axel is a great hunk of a man with a large powerfully built smooth chest and an amazing ripped core. He has starred in seven hardcore movies with Men.com, and his most viewed movie, ‘Caught Red Handed’ with Johnny Skyy, had an incredible 77,000 men glued to the internet. Robert is greedy top and has a beautiful tasting, seven and a half inch circumcised ebony dick. He is six feet two inches tall and has black hair and lovely brown eyes.

Brenner Bolton is a six foot versatile young man with a smooth chest and a six and a half inch uncut cock with plenty of foreskin to get your tongue under. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes and weighs 238 pounds. Brenner has starred in eighteen hardcore movies for Men.com and has been in popular movies like, ‘My Best Friend’s Husband Part 1’, with Cameron Foster, ‘My Brother In Law Part 8’, where he gets into a fantastic orgy, and ‘Before My Wife Gets Home’, with Sebastian Young.…

Gay XXX Parody

‘Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1’ is a fantastic gay porn video series made by Men and released by Super Gay Hero. This first episode stars Logan Moore and Men exclusive star (and the UK’s leading gay Pornstar), Paddy O’Brian.
The original American TV series of Sense 8, it portrays eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become “sensates”; human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked. The show aims to explore such things as politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion. As good as the series is, I have to admit, this version is far much better and much more exciting.

The porn stars

To get your balls filling up with cum, here is something about the two hunky stars that are in this first episode.
Logan Moore has a great body with a few hairs on his chest and around his gorgeous nipples – which you will just want to chew on. He has a designer beard and is quite cute with it. He has brown hair shaved at the sides, sexy brown eyes and he is a six foot stallion. He has a thick slightly bent like a banana seven inch cut cock, and he is a bottom who lives to get his tight ass fucked every day.
He has starred in seven hardcore movies for Men.com, and in his first men gay video back in October 2014, he gets his ass rammed in a great threesome with Colby Keller and Dato Foland in ‘Howl Part. 3’
Paddy O’Brian, for those who don’t know him as yet, is an exclusive star to Menand is the best thing ever to come out of the UK. He is from London, and away from doing hardcore, he says he is straight. He has an amazing body with a great six pack and is five feet eight inches tall. He has beautiful hazel eyes, and he is a top with a seven inch cut dick and a nice set of tasty large balls.
Paddy has starred in 90 hardcore homosexual movies for the adult gay site Men and he also stars in ‘Captain America, X-Men and batman V Superman, which are all Gay XXX Parody’s released by Super Gay Hero.
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Super Gay Hero is a newish fantasy site and is part of the Men.com networked sites; it has another nine sites to watch with an amazing 2,069 movies which are spread out throughout all its sites, and are updated on a regular basis, and are all of the highest quality and great sound.

The parody movie

This first episode of Sense 8 begins with Paddy O’Brian being woken up from his bed in London. He is woken up by the sound of loud music, and he is not happy. He gets out of bed, walks down the corridor and bangs on his neighbour’s door telling him to shut the fuck up. The door opens up, but the room is empty and he can still hear the music. Paddy goes back into his room, but finds himself in someone else’s room. Logan Moore is standing there playing his music through his ear phones, and he tells Paddy that is in Prague. Paddy and Logan seem to know each other because of their new senses, all though they have never met before. Damien Crosse walks into the room and askes Logan why is he talking to himself as he can’t see Paddy, then he leaves the room. Logan says goodnight to Damien, and these two hunky men are left alone.
They look into each other’s eyes and they kiss hard. Logan pulls down Paddy’s underpants and sucks on his seven inch cock. Paddy likes it so much that he grabs the back of Logan’s head and face fucks him making his balls bang against Logan’s bearded chin.
Logan then bends over the back of the couch his ass hole of full view. Paddy spits on his asshole and slaps it with his fingers. Logan strokes on his own cock as Paddy smacks his firm ass cheeks and shoves his tongue as far as it will go into Logan’s slutty asshole. Paddy gets behind Logan’s ass, rolls on a condom and fucks him doggy style.
They fuck in different positions and after Logan Moore has sucked on paddy’s gay cock, he gets fucked in the missionary position and blows his load over his hard body. Paddy O’Brian pulls his cock out straight away and it’s a great close up as his cum shoots out of his pulsating cock and joins in with Logan’s.

About Super Gay Hero

All of ‘Super Gay Hero’ first time gay video are offered in MP4 format and are DRM free. There are three sizes of downloadable full scenes, and the newer movies are offered at Full HD sized at 1,920 x 1,080. All movies also come with great photo sets, and most are sized at 1,663 x 2,495 and there are approximately 20-100 photos in each set. These photos can be downloaded in a zip file and can be watched individually or in a slideshow. The good thing about the slideshow is that its hands-free, which leaves your hands busy to get on with something else
Super Gay Hero has 43 hardcore full length movies to watch. All their men are as horny as fuck and get into some great situations and positons. Cum shoots out everywhere and there are some amazing close ups of men getting fucked with condoms on, that means no bareback porn at this site.…

Some of the best gay porn on Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies’ show two hunky men, Paul Canon and Jessie Montgomery meeting up for the first time since college. It has, of course, been filmed by Men. Will their passion for gay porn ignite? Or will it be a ‘no’ vote? Watch as these two men rekindle their friendship in an explosive fun way which ends up with hot, juicy cum spurting out of their pulsating dicks.
Next Door Buddies
Paul Canon looks fantastic as he is poling for the elections in a shirt that is slightly open, revealing the fine hairs on his muscular chest. He’s not too happy when he sees Jessie Montgomery, in a conservative suit, poling for the other team. Paul asks him what has happened? He was so different at college. Jessie tells him that he hasn’t changed, and that he will explain it all in his hotel room.
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Proving to Paul that he hasn’t changed is easier to show than to tell. As soon as they are in his next door studios, both Paul and Jessie lean forward and their hot, wet lips meet for the first time in years. Memory’s come flooding back as they kiss and it doesn’t take long before Jessie is lying on his back, his Paulet off, but his tie is still wrapped around his neck as Paul goes down and sucks on his seven inch hard dick.
Paul gets naked and sits up on the bed with his legs spread open as Jessie leans over and sucks on his delicious tasting thick nine inch cock. Paul can feel his balls filling up with fresh hot cum as Jessie manages to deep throat his big dick without gagging. He groans with a heightened sense of pleasure as his old gay college friend carries on sucking on his dick and plays with his balls at the same time.

Jessie loves cock, especially Paul’s, as he sits down on top of Pauls dick and slides all the way down until he is sitting on his ball sack. The sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh fill the room as they two go crazy with animalistic lust. The camera zooms in when Paul takes his cock all the way out, and we get a fantastic view as it slides all the way back in again.
Jessie bends over and bites into the mattress as Paul gets behind him and drills his tight ass doggy style for a while. He is then made to get on his back, whilst Paul Canon knees in front of his stretched legs and holds on to his ankles as he rams his big dick in as he fucks him in the missionary position.
Jessie Montgomery grunts out loud for the last time as his hot juicy cum shoots out over his body so quickly and fast that it even goes into his hair. Paul pulls his cock out of Jessie’s fucked hole and spurts his thick creamy cum over Jessie’s stomach, cock and balls. Check out more best gay porn at http://www.bestgayporn.xxx/ – click here

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite is a soft spoken hunk with light brown hair, sexy hazel eyes and a great smooth gay body. He loves being a bottom as he is addicted to gay porn and has a seven inch cut cock. Mike has appeared in nine hardcore movies for BestGayPorn, and over 56,000 horny men have watched him getting his ass well and truly fucked in parts 1, 2 and 3 of this fantastic cock thumping series.…

Gay Twink Tube with Troy Ryan and Evan Parker

Apocalypse is a hardcore gay twink fantasy set in the future, made for ‘Boy Crush’ and filmed by Helix Studios. As the end of the world draws close Troy Ryan is forced to fight Evan Parker in a fight to the death. The winner gets the girl and the looser could die. At least that’s the plan until something goes wrong and the plans get changed.
This fantasy brings everything together: great story, great costumes and some of the sexiest teen men around. So sit back, and expect to be thrilled and excited as this isn’t your typical gay porn movie; this is something special.
The leader of a gang is shouting out orders, they have captured two of the enemy; a man, Evan Parker, and a woman. The leader is taunting them, threatening her with rape, and him with death. There has to be a fight to the death, so the leader chooses their best fighter, Troy Ryan. Evan gets the first punch in, but that is all, as Troy puts Evan flat on his back. The blonde chick grabs her gun and shoots her brains out. Troy slaps Evan round the twink face to wake him up, and then takes him to the tumble down restroom to supposedly kill him. But Troy has other ideas.
Troy tells Evan that he’s sorry, and that he needs him to help him get away from the other savages. Troy has a quick look around to make sure no one is watching, and kisses a surprised Evan on the lips at the same time as his hands go between his legs and strokes his seven inch dick. Evan strokes Troy’s dick as he kisses him, as he gets on his knees then takes Troy’s rock solid cock into his mouth, and as he sucks him off, Troy face fucks him back with a desperate urgency.
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Evan turns around, puts one booted foot on a sink, with the other one balancing him on the ground. He shoves his naked and firm butt out as Troy squats down with his pants clinging to his ankles and starts to lick Evan’s musky asshole. Evan is so excited that he can’t help himself from stroking on his throbbing erection a she feels Troy’s tongue eating out his twitching crack.
Even though Evan knows the enemy is around the corner, he can’t stop groaning with animistic lust as Troy stands behind him and rams his cock straight up Evan’s slippery, wet teen ass. Evan stands up and leans against the opposite wall when they hear someone laughing. They look around and see one of the leader’s men watching them. Troy goes after him, but comes back quickly and shoves his cock back into Evan’s sweet tight asshole. Evan Parker gets back to frantically stroking on his own dick with tube, and as Troy Ryan carries on slamming his cock into him, his cock quivers in the palm of his sweating hand and his thick creamy twink cum spurts out landing on the brick wall and floor below him. After he has finished squirting his load he kneels down and jerks Troy’s cock up and down until he is rewarded as his hot jizz shoots out over his black beard and strong shoulders. Watch Gay Twink Tube Here

Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O’Brian is a popular exclusive star to gay porn sites and has been in over eighty hardcore movies with them, like ‘The Hard Knox’ series, ‘Gay Of Thrones Part 5’ and he is also stars in ‘Forbidden’ parts 1, 2 and 3. This British porn star is the hard man of porn, and has got an amazing hard body and a lovely seven inch cut cock. He is a top who has short brown hair, seductive hazel eyes and is five feet seven inches tall. He classes himself as a top, but loves to be a bottom for the right guy. He has brown hair, weighs 154 pounds and has a seven inch circumcised dick. oBrian has starred in three hardcore movies for adult gay sites, like ‘Star Wars 4; A Gay XXX Parody.’

Who is Ricky Larkin ?

Ricky LarkinRicky Larkin is a handsome hunk full of muscles and dark brown fur covering his bear like body. He is a five feet eleven inch top and has a delicious tasting thick eight and a half inch cut cock. He has short brown hair, seductive brown eyes, and weighs 201 pounds of pure solid beef. He has starred in ten movies for the website, and he will also be in part thre of this fantastic series where it ends up in a great gangbang.…