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Gay Twink Tube with Troy Ryan and Evan Parker

Apocalypse is a hardcore gay twink fantasy set in the future, made for ‘Boy Crush’ and filmed by Helix Studios. As the end of the world draws close Troy Ryan is forced to fight Evan Parker in a fight to the death. The winner gets the girl and the looser could die. At least that’s the plan until something goes wrong and the plans get changed.
This fantasy brings everything together: great story, great costumes and some of the sexiest teen men around. So sit back, and expect to be thrilled and excited as this isn’t your typical gay porn movie; this is something special.
The leader of a gang is shouting out orders, they have captured two of the enemy; a man, Evan Parker, and a woman. The leader is taunting them, threatening her with rape, and him with death. There has to be a fight to the death, so the leader chooses their best fighter, Troy Ryan. Evan gets the first punch in, but that is all, as Troy puts Evan flat on his back. The blonde chick grabs her gun and shoots her brains out. Troy slaps Evan round the twink face to wake him up, and then takes him to the tumble down restroom to supposedly kill him. But Troy has other ideas.
Troy tells Evan that he’s sorry, and that he needs him to help him get away from the other savages. Troy has a quick look around to make sure no one is watching, and kisses a surprised Evan on the lips at the same time as his hands go between his legs and strokes his seven inch dick. Evan strokes Troy’s dick as he kisses him, as he gets on his knees then takes Troy’s rock solid cock into his mouth, and as he sucks him off, Troy face fucks him back with a desperate urgency.
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Evan turns around, puts one booted foot on a sink, with the other one balancing him on the ground. He shoves his naked and firm butt out as Troy squats down with his pants clinging to his ankles and starts to lick Evan’s musky asshole. Evan is so excited that he can’t help himself from stroking on his throbbing erection a she feels Troy’s tongue eating out his twitching crack.
Even though Evan knows the enemy is around the corner, he can’t stop groaning with animistic lust as Troy stands behind him and rams his cock straight up Evan’s slippery, wet teen ass. Evan stands up and leans against the opposite wall when they hear someone laughing. They look around and see one of the leader’s men watching them. Troy goes after him, but comes back quickly and shoves his cock back into Evan’s sweet tight asshole. Evan Parker gets back to frantically stroking on his own dick with tube, and as Troy Ryan carries on slamming his cock into him, his cock quivers in the palm of his sweating hand and his thick creamy twink cum spurts out landing on the brick wall and floor below him. After he has finished squirting his load he kneels down and jerks Troy’s cock up and down until he is rewarded as his hot jizz shoots out over his black beard and strong shoulders. Watch Gay Twink Tube Here