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Next Door Buddies’ show two hunky men, Paul Canon and Jessie Montgomery meeting up for the first time since college. It has, of course, been filmed by Men. Will their passion for gay porn ignite? Or will it be a ‘no’ vote? Watch as these two men rekindle their friendship in an explosive fun way which ends up with hot, juicy cum spurting out of their pulsating dicks.
Next Door Buddies
Paul Canon looks fantastic as he is poling for the elections in a shirt that is slightly open, revealing the fine hairs on his muscular chest. He’s not too happy when he sees Jessie Montgomery, in a conservative suit, poling for the other team. Paul asks him what has happened? He was so different at college. Jessie tells him that he hasn’t changed, and that he will explain it all in his hotel room.
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Proving to Paul that he hasn’t changed is easier to show than to tell. As soon as they are in his next door studios, both Paul and Jessie lean forward and their hot, wet lips meet for the first time in years. Memory’s come flooding back as they kiss and it doesn’t take long before Jessie is lying on his back, his Paulet off, but his tie is still wrapped around his neck as Paul goes down and sucks on his seven inch hard dick.
Paul gets naked and sits up on the bed with his legs spread open as Jessie leans over and sucks on his delicious tasting thick nine inch cock. Paul can feel his balls filling up with fresh hot cum as Jessie manages to deep throat his big dick without gagging. He groans with a heightened sense of pleasure as his old gay college friend carries on sucking on his dick and plays with his balls at the same time.

Jessie loves cock, especially Paul’s, as he sits down on top of Pauls dick and slides all the way down until he is sitting on his ball sack. The sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh fill the room as they two go crazy with animalistic lust. The camera zooms in when Paul takes his cock all the way out, and we get a fantastic view as it slides all the way back in again.
Jessie bends over and bites into the mattress as Paul gets behind him and drills his tight ass doggy style for a while. He is then made to get on his back, whilst Paul Canon knees in front of his stretched legs and holds on to his ankles as he rams his big dick in as he fucks him in the missionary position.
Jessie Montgomery grunts out loud for the last time as his hot juicy cum shoots out over his body so quickly and fast that it even goes into his hair. Paul pulls his cock out of Jessie’s fucked hole and spurts his thick creamy cum over Jessie’s stomach, cock and balls. Check out more best gay porn at – click here

Mike Gaite

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