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Gay XXX Parody

‘Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1’ is a fantastic gay porn video series made by Men and released by Super Gay Hero. This first episode stars Logan Moore and Men exclusive star (and the UK’s leading gay Pornstar), Paddy O’Brian.
The original American TV series of Sense 8, it portrays eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become “sensates”; human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked. The show aims to explore such things as politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion. As good as the series is, I have to admit, this version is far much better and much more exciting.

The porn stars

To get your balls filling up with cum, here is something about the two hunky stars that are in this first episode.
Logan Moore has a great body with a few hairs on his chest and around his gorgeous nipples – which you will just want to chew on. He has a designer beard and is quite cute with it. He has brown hair shaved at the sides, sexy brown eyes and he is a six foot stallion. He has a thick slightly bent like a banana seven inch cut cock, and he is a bottom who lives to get his tight ass fucked every day.
He has starred in seven hardcore movies for, and in his first men gay video back in October 2014, he gets his ass rammed in a great threesome with Colby Keller and Dato Foland in ‘Howl Part. 3’
Paddy O’Brian, for those who don’t know him as yet, is an exclusive star to Menand is the best thing ever to come out of the UK. He is from London, and away from doing hardcore, he says he is straight. He has an amazing body with a great six pack and is five feet eight inches tall. He has beautiful hazel eyes, and he is a top with a seven inch cut dick and a nice set of tasty large balls.
Paddy has starred in 90 hardcore homosexual movies for the adult gay site Men and he also stars in ‘Captain America, X-Men and batman V Superman, which are all Gay XXX Parody’s released by Super Gay Hero.
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The parody movie

This first episode of Sense 8 begins with Paddy O’Brian being woken up from his bed in London. He is woken up by the sound of loud music, and he is not happy. He gets out of bed, walks down the corridor and bangs on his neighbour’s door telling him to shut the fuck up. The door opens up, but the room is empty and he can still hear the music. Paddy goes back into his room, but finds himself in someone else’s room. Logan Moore is standing there playing his music through his ear phones, and he tells Paddy that is in Prague. Paddy and Logan seem to know each other because of their new senses, all though they have never met before. Damien Crosse walks into the room and askes Logan why is he talking to himself as he can’t see Paddy, then he leaves the room. Logan says goodnight to Damien, and these two hunky men are left alone.
They look into each other’s eyes and they kiss hard. Logan pulls down Paddy’s underpants and sucks on his seven inch cock. Paddy likes it so much that he grabs the back of Logan’s head and face fucks him making his balls bang against Logan’s bearded chin.
Logan then bends over the back of the couch his ass hole of full view. Paddy spits on his asshole and slaps it with his fingers. Logan strokes on his own cock as Paddy smacks his firm ass cheeks and shoves his tongue as far as it will go into Logan’s slutty asshole. Paddy gets behind Logan’s ass, rolls on a condom and fucks him doggy style.
They fuck in different positions and after Logan Moore has sucked on paddy’s gay cock, he gets fucked in the missionary position and blows his load over his hard body. Paddy O’Brian pulls his cock out straight away and it’s a great close up as his cum shoots out of his pulsating cock and joins in with Logan’s.

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