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Massimo Piano in real HD gay porno

The Genie Part 2 stars two handsome hunks with great bodies and tight butts. Massimo Piano and Hector De Silva star in this hot and horny gay HD porn movie. This series has been filmed in real HD quality by the award-winning team at, and has been released by, ‘Drill My Gay Porn Hole,’ which is just one of the ten Full HD sites that make this great porn network up.

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Hector De Silva is a real Spanish stud with amazing good looks, and a fantastic tattoo swirling up his lean torso. Hector is a George Clooney look alike, but even more gorgeous than him, and much younger.
He is five feet seven inches tall with brown hair, designer beard, and he has bright blue eyes, a seven-inch cut cock, and he is an eager top.

Hector has starred in eighteen gay porn vids for, and in his last movie, he got stuck into a cum blasting threesome in ‘The Couple That Fuck Together Part 2,’ with Dato Foland and Sunny Colucci.
Massimo Piano is another good looking Spanish gay pornstar, and he has a tight six-pack, a hairy body, and he loves to have his pierced nipples gently tugged on. He has brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch uncut cock.
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Massimo Piano has woken up in bed. After rubbing a magic lamp the day before, Massimo got four wishes from his muscular genie, played by Manuel Skye. Massimo ended up fucking the pizza boy, played by Lucas Fox, and now he is ready to have another wish granted.

He gets dressed, rubs his lamp, and asks the cheeky genie for another wish. This time, he wants to have one last fuck with his ex-boyfriend, Hector De Silva.

There is a knock at the door, and as Massimo opens it, there is Hector, and they start kissing straight away. As they kiss hard, we hear the sound of a zip going down, and we get to see Hector’s thick juicy dick out of his pants. Massimo clicks his fingers, and Hector’s cock gets rock hard before he can even blink.

With their hot young bodies against each other and their lips locked in each other’s hungry mouths, their hands wander all over their tight butts, and all over their bodies. They are soon naked, and they play and suck on each other’s hard nipples.
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Electricity bounces off the walls, and in their fervour, Hector gets down on his knees, and takes that beautiful bit of prime Spanish meat into his mouth, and sucks on it with a great thirst. Hector licks it up and down, under the balls, and then takes it in his mouth again, and this time, he deep throats it. Massimo is moaning with passion the whole time, and as he thrusts his hips back and forwards, he plays with Hector’s small sensitive nipples.

Hector gets pushed onto his back on the bed, and with his legs spread-eagled, Massimo goes down and engulfs his hot cock in the back of his throat, and sucks on it like there is no tomorrow. Hector is sighing with pleasure as his cock gets sucked, and his big balls get played with.
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Massimo then pulls Hector’s legs up, spreads them apart, and starts devouring that smooth tight asshole with his probing tongue. He opens up that asshole with his fingers, and licks all around Hector’s rim, and pushes his tongue in as far as it will go.

Hector gets Massimo up on his knees, his head down, and his ass up in the air like a puppy waiting to be mounted. He eats out Massimo’s butt hole, and with is swimming in hot saliva, hector points his cock at that tasty hole and inches his thick cock right up.
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Hector rides that ass doggy style, in the missionary position, and then as he lies down on his back, Massimo Piano gets on top and rides up and down on Hector’s cock and big balls that are filling up with cum. As Massimo rides that cock like a bucking bronco, he strokes his own until he shouts out, and his hot cum spurts out over his body and spread thighs.

Hector De Silva pushes Massimo onto his back, and with a few frantic strokes, his cum shoots out over Massimo’s face, lips, beard and chest. In fact, there is so much of the stuff, that I think Hector has been saving it up for a while.

The Genie Part 2 is another cumtastic series by the gay porn team, and watching these Spanish studs hard at it, will make you wish you had your own magic lamp. Never mind, I am sure that you can easily think of something else to rub. Watch more porn in HD at hdgayporn