Dato Foland and Paddy O’Brian

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For those who haven’t heard, BUTTOCKS are a new craze in the gay XXX film star community! And thanks to the latest technology, hardcore gay porn can be a more enjoyable experience. Kiss the days of cheezy pornos with fake acting and lame studio sets goodbye. For we now have sexy gay pornstars such as Rogan Richards to set our blood on fire. And who can forget scrumptious Dato Foland or well endowed Paddy O’Brian from the UK? And you can get IN on (The End) ANAL action at Drill My Hole! Where you can witness the threesome in hot and heavy explosive sexual positions. It also features an intriguing storyline, entrancing upbeat music, and awesome special effects.

gay pornstarsThis apocalyptic gay porno has these three fine gay models hunkered down inside a bunker waiting for The End to cum.

Within no time things start to heat up for these delectable dudes and that’s when the fun begins. After realizing the radio is down Dato works at fixing it while the others await the pending doom outside. Rogan reenters the room quite shaken and nervous about the unknown, Paddy steps in to comfort him and things really get steamy. It starts with a gentle reassuring touch which leads to a tantalizing shoulder massage, that sends sparks of sexual energy flying. In no time the two well-sculpted hotties are fondling one another and tongue kissing. Yet, this guy-on-guy action doesn’t stop here for in walks tall, dark, and handsome Dato!

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Before you know it the dynamic duo turns into a hardcore threesome cock fest. These beefcake hunks can’t keep their hands off each other’s sexy muscular bodies. Now it’s time to fulfill their urban sexual gay fantasy! Whipping out those massive cocks of theirs the three dive into cock sucking, ass pounding fun. The excellent lighting and sound quality make for quite an awesome fucking experience. Rogan takes on both Dato and Paddy, getting an explosion of cum in his mouth. That is until the tables turn and it’s now dark and studly Rogan’s turn to get an ass full of cock. Gripping his well-sculpted muscular forearm, he proceeds to drive that rock hard shaft into the hole of endless bliss. In this game-changer, Dato finds himself between the delectable duo as a ball blasting middleman.

Yet again, the guys switch things up a bit and it’s Dato’s turn to get ass pounded by Paddy’s rock hard dick. In the meantime, our middle porn star is deep-throating Rogan’s huge member whilst cock-ring Dato gives the anal action of his life. Switch, now it’s Dato’s turn for some ass fucking. just like the other two. All of this lustful luvin is sure to set a man’s loins on fire, in fact, you won’t be able to control your inner horniness. Resulting in hours of hand-job pleasure at the mere sight of non-stop volcanic cock ecstasy. Especially during the grand finale when Dato rubs their love juices over his manly chest and nipples.

Just then, a radio broadcaster proudly announces the up CUMMING sequal to our threesome gay pornstars fantasy. Promising (The End) Part 3 to feature more anal cream pies then the last two.