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Online Gay Videos films the famous porn star, Conner Maguire, as he desperately searches for one of his biggest fans, Addison Graham with the help of Men’s researches. ‘Str8 To Gay’ shows us what happens when they eventually do meet up.
Conner Maguire is desperate to meet up with his biggest gay fan. It’s not because he wants to have lots of attention lavished on him by this fan, Addison Graham, it’s because he feels like he is falling in love with him through his letters and online E-mails even though he has never seen him in person before. His researcher is worried that Addison, like many others, unfairly use a photograph of someone else. (Come on guys’ what’s that all about?) Addison has told Conner in an E-mail that he feels he isn’t good enough for him as Conner is a world famous porn star that does Hot Men Videos; he is a somebody, whereas Addison feels he is a nobody. (By the way, nobody is a nobody.) They eventually get his number and even though Addison is a bag of nerves, he agrees to meet Conner in his house.
Conner Maguire knocks on the door, and Addison is so nervous to start off with, he only opens the door slightly. I mean, what would you do if a famous gay porn star turned up at your door? Addison sees Conner and before the door has finished closing, Conner is kissing him on the lips. Before Addison can change his mind Conner gets him on the bed, almost rips his pants off and sucks hungrily on his eight inch long, fat dick.