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Moving to a new neighbourhood can be difficult but Tommy Regan knows how to make his new neighbours feel right at home, even though they are straight. film Tommy and one of his new sexy neighbours, Ricky Larkin, as he helps him get over the break with his girlfriend. ‘Str8 To Gay’ are more than proud to show off this hot and exciting new series for your viewing pleasure.
Tommy Regan feels naughty as he looks in his new neighbour’s post box in the hallway of their apartments. He is shocked to see that Ricky Larkin, his new hunky neighbour, has been dumped by his girlfriend by post. Tommy does what he thinks is the right thing, and invites him round to talk about it, and other things.
Ricky enters Tommy’s apartment and sits down on a chair. They chat for a while and then Tommy calls Ricky’s girlfriend an men asshole, and then pulls his pants down right in front of his straight neighbour. Ricky asks him what is he doing, and Tommy answers him by telling him: He needs to fuck an asshole, not go out with one.
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Ricky is a bit nervous when Tommy bends down and strokes his cock. He tries to get him off, but Tommy won’t take no for an answer and tells him that he is there to help him relieve the stress he is under. Even though Ricky finds it all weird, he lets Tommy fish his eight and a half inch cock out of his sweat pants and watches as Tommy puts it in his mouth. It gets hard within seconds.
Ricky strips naked, revealing his hairy body and muscular chest. He stands up and growls like a bear on heat as Tommy licks his circumcised cock all around its thick edge and then deep throats him. They get on the bed, and into the sixty-nine position with Tommy on top sucking on Ricky’s raging hard dick. Ricky lies on his back licking his first men’s asshole, which makes them both moan and groan with a deep dark delicious pleasure.

Tommy then gets on his back, and with Ricky kneeling between his thighs, he puts his legs over Ricky’s strong hairy shoulders as Ricky plunges his tongue even deeper into Tommy’s slutty asshole. Tommy almost begs Ricky to fuck his sweet tight ass, as Tommy licks his ass and strokes his cock at the same time.
With Tommy still on his back, and his firm white ass up in the air, Ricky slides his thick dick right up Tommy’s slippery asshole without any problems, and pile drives his cock deep into him. They end up thrashing about all over the bed, one minute Tommy is riding on top of Ricky’s dick, and then he is in the missionary position and his asshole is being pounded hard and fast, getting him closer and closer to shooting his heavy load. With a cry of excitement, Tommy Regan’s body stiffens up, and hot juicy cum comes flying out of his pulsating cock, and lands on his smooth chest and hard core. Ricky Larkin moves up to Tommy’s red face, and spills his thick creamy jizz all over Tommy’s neck, giving him a pearl necklace. …