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We love showing off how deep the male sex video site go with their fantastic, and award winning video filming. With the best picture and excellent sound, Men prove that they are the leaders in the gay porn world today. This new male sex series kicks off with two amazingly hot men, Will Braun, who is an exclusive star to Men.com, and Vadim Black.

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Ever had one of those mornings when you wake up with a major hardon, but your partner tells you to go back to sleep as you crush your aching hard male cock against his ass, or even his hard powerful thigh? It’s disappointing, but sometimes if you keep on trying, and managed to wake him up, you end up having fantastic sex.

Will Braun wakes up like this, his dick is rock solid and his asshole is itching to be fucked. His roommate, Vadim Black is lying naked next to him. Will wakes him up for a good fuck session but Vadim tells him to turn back over. Not to be put off, Will pulls his bed covers down to just below his full ball sack and starts to stroke his rock solid seven inch circumcised cock. He keeps looking over at Vadim and his eyes wander over his muscular body and amazing six pack. Vadim looks back and smiles at Will and pulls his covers too. Will is so hungry for cock that he bends over Vadim’s hairy thigh, grabs a hold of his gay dick and shoves it in his mouth. A whimpering sound escapes Vadim’s lips as Will sucks on his ‘morning glory’ all the way up and down. Vadim puts a hand behind Will’s head and forces him up and down, and fuck fucks him back as Will continues sucking on his fat dick.
Vadim Black takes control and forces Will on to his back and makes him spread his legs. Vadim lies down on his side and with his head between Will’s outstretched legs he starts to suck on Will Braun’s quivering hard dick. It’s a great scene as Vadim lies on his side, his hard dick on full view and his foreskin, half rolled back as he buries his nose right into Will’s dark pubes as he gives him his morning blowjob.
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Will doesn’t have long to go as he brings his knees up to his chest and is about to get what he wanted from the start of this adult gay video. Vadim kneels up between his legs, he puts on a condom and with a deep groan of satisfaction Will feels his asshole being spread open and full of Vadim’s thick dick at last.
The bed creaks loud as Will’s ass is fucked hard and fast by Vadim who still can’t believe how Will’s juicy ass really is. They fuck all over the bed and Will gets his asshole well and truly scratched as he gets frilled in different positions.
Will Braun shouts out with a final cry as his cock throbs and cum shoots out so far that it lands in his waiting mouth, and Vadim Black sends his cum over Will’s heaving chest.

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Will Braun is an exclusive star to this sex video website and has been in thirty four movies in his first year. He has a cool college look about him and has brown hair and innocent looking baby blue eyes, he is versatile, has a seven inch cut cock, and is five feet six inches tall.
Vadim Black is a good looking, clean cut versatile young man with plenty of tattoos, muscles and a six and a half inch uncut cock. He has been in thirteen hardcore movies for this male sex video site which includes the fantastic Online Gay Videos ‘Son Of A Preacher Man. Series. Vadim is five feet seven inches tall, has jet black hair and has emerald green eyes. check here to check out this male sex video